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 CODE and FORMAT LEGEND is provided at the bottom of the list.

BA Broke to Saddle; Dutch Warmblood; g/m; 16.0.00hh>17.0.00hh; 2>5 yrs; US and Canada; EHU-NY0101152-02876
BA Broke to Saddle; Pony, medium; g/m; 12.0.00hh>13.0.00hh; 4>10 yrs; Southwest, US  (around Utah); EPN-NY0100325-02761

BA Broke to Saddle; Tennessee Walking Horse; Gelding; 15.0.00hh>15.3.00hh; 4>8 yrs; South, US; WSG-NY019981-02266
BA Halter Broke; Arabian; Stallion; 14.3.00hh>15.2.00hh; 2>4 yrs; Ontario, CD; END-NY0196166-00823
BA Halter Broke; Arabian; f/m; 13.0.00hh>13.3.00hh; 4>15 yrs; USA; WSG-NY0102325-03077

BA Walk, Trot, Canter; American Warmblood; Gelding; 16.2.00hh>18.2.50hh; 3>10 yrs; Midwest, US; WSG-NY0106161-03226
BA Walk, Trot, Canter; Appaloosa; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>17.0.50hh; 3>8 yrs; south central, USA; WSG-NY019862-01921
BA Walk, Trot, Canter; No Preference; g/m; 16.1.00hh>16.3.50hh; 4>10 yrs; southeast; EDR-NY010042-02573

BA Walk, Trot, Canter; No Preference; g/m; 15.2.50hh>16.1.50hh; 4>10 yrs; southeast; ENG-NY010042-02572
BA Walk, Trot, Canter; Quarter Horse; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>16.3.00hh; 4>25 yrs; Maine, New Hampshire; WSG-NY0199115-02295
BA Walk, Trot, Canter; Quarter Horse; g/m; 15.2.00hh>16.1.00hh; 4>20 yrs; Ontario; WSG-NY0106115-03216

BA Walk, Trot, Canter; Warmblood; g/c/f; 16.1.00hh>17.0.00hh; 2>10 yrs; southeast, US; ENG-NY010344-03088
BA Walk, Trot, Canter; Warmblood; g/c; 16.0.00hh>17.0.00hh; 3>7 yrs; East/Northeast, US; ENG-NY010447-03136
BA Walk, Trot, Canter; Welsh Cob; Mare; 15.0.00hh>16.2.00hh; 4>6 yrs; Southern UK; ENG-NY0199284-02457

BA Weanling; Hanoverian; Colt Foal; 16.2.50hh>17.0.50hh; 0>4 yrs; southeast, & northeast  U.S. onl; ENG-NY0199213-02399
CN Green, 1st Year; Akhal-Teke; g/c/f; 16.1.50hh>18.0.50hh; 1>8 yrs; Southeast, US; ENG-NY019892-01957
CN Prospect; Thoroughbred; g/m; 16.0.00hh>17.0.00hh; 3>8 yrs; Canada (Eastern); ECN-NY010016-02543

CT General; Morgan; Gelding; 15.2.00hh>16.2.00hh; 7>14 yrs; Washington/Alberta; EDR-NY019663-00688
CT General; No Preference; g/m; 15.0.00hh>16.0.00hh; 6>16 yrs; Southeast US; ECT-NY019973-02251
CT General; Quarter Horse, Appendix; g/m; 15.1.50hh>16.1.50hh; 4>12 yrs; North or South west; ECT-NY0100322-02760

CT General; Thoroughbred; g/m; 16.0.00hh>16.3.00hh; 4>6 yrs; 50mi of Kettering, UK; ECT-NY0196209-00899
CT Intermediate; No Preference; g/m/s; 15.2.00hh>16.2.50hh; 6>15 yrs; Northeast USA, Canada; ECT-NY0102101-03022
CT Novice; No Preference; Gelding; 15.0.00hh>16.0.00hh; 8>12 yrs; NY, NJ, CT; ECT-NC0195200-00462

CT Novice; Paint; g/m; 16.0.00hh>16.2.00hh; 4>8 yrs; 8 hour drive from MA; ECT-NC019573-00387
CT Novice; Thoroughbred; Gelding; 16.0.00hh>17.0.00hh; 6>10 yrs; Arkansas, US area; ECT-NY019991-02279
CT Preliminary; Thoroughbred; g/m; 16.1.00hh>17.2.00hh; 4>8 yrs; Eastern USA; ECT-NY0104192-03157

CT Training; No Preference; g/m; 16.0.00hh>17.0.00hh; 5>15 yrs; Northeast, US; ECT-NY010178-02821
CT Training; No Preference; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>16.3.00hh; 6>11 yrs; Northeast, US; ECT-NY0198174-02024
DR 1st Level; Holsteiner; Mare; 16.2.00hh>17.2.00hh; 3>8 yrs; South & Southwest; EDR-NY0102119-03030

DR 1st Level; Morgan; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>16.2.00hh; 5>9 yrs; Not Southeast, US; ENG-NY019659-00682
DR 1st Level; Quarter Horse; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>16.1.50hh; 5>13 yrs; Callahan, FL; ECT-NY0197235-01781
DR 1st Level; Warmblood; g/m; 16.1.00hh>17.2.00hh; 6>12 yrs; California; EDR-NY0198299-02135

DR 1st Level; Warmblood; g/m; 16.2.00hh>17.2.00hh; 6>12 yrs; NorthEast; EDR-NC0195111-00431
DR 1st Level; Warmblood; g/m; 16.2.00hh>16.2.00hh; 4>12 yrs; any US; EDV-NY010044-02575
DR 1st Level; Warmblood; Gelding; 15.2.00hh>16.1.00hh; 4>15 yrs; New England to Virginia; EDR-NC019570-00378

DR 1st Level; Warmblood; Gelding; 14.1.00hh>15.3.00hh; 4>12 yrs; USA/So. Canada; EDR-NY0197175-01706
DR 2nd Level; Dutch Warmblood; Gelding; 15.2.00hh>16.2.50hh; 6>13 yrs; Southwest, South Central US; EDR-NY0100264-02727
DR 2nd Level; German Warmblood; Gelding; 16.1.50hh>16.1.50hh; 8>15 yrs; US; EDR-NY0197234-01780

DR 2nd Level; No Preference; g/m; 15.2.00hh>16.0.00hh; 7>20 yrs; northeast TN, southwest VA; EDR-NY0196253-01022
DR 2nd Level; Warmblood; Gelding; 15.0.50hh>16.1.00hh; 5>10 yrs; US; EDR-NY0199210-02395
DR 2nd Level; Warmblood; g/m; 15.0.00hh>16.0.00hh; 5>20 yrs; Northeast; EDR-NY0102205-03050

DR 3rd Level; No Preference; g/m; 16.0.00hh>17.0.00hh; 7>12 yrs; USA and Canada; ENG-NY0199126-02307
DR 3rd Level; Thoroughbred; Gelding; 16.2.00hh>17.0.00hh; 5>8 yrs; South Central, US; EDR-NY019697-00749
DR 3rd Level; Trakehner; Gelding; 16.0.00hh>16.3.00hh; 6>10 yrs; Anywhere; EDR-NY0197153-01685

DR 3rd Level; Warmblood; Gelding; 16.1.00hh>17.2.00hh; 6>19 yrs; West of Missippi, US; EDR-NY0196142-00790
DR 3rd Level; Warmblood; g/m; 15.3.00hh>16.1.00hh; 6>8 yrs; East Coast; EDR-NY0194251-00145
DR 3rd Level; Warmblood; No Preference; 16.0.00hh>16.3.00hh; 3>11 yrs; Midwest > Eastcoast; EDR-NC019569-00370

DR 4th Level; German Warmblood; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>16.2.00hh; 5>10 yrs; West Coast, Arizona, Colorado; EDR-NY0100259-02725
DR 4th Level; No Preference; g/m/s; 16.0.00hh>17.0.00hh; 4>15 yrs; Anywhere; EDR-NY010250-03003
DR 4th Level; No Preference; Mare; 16.1.00hh>18.0.00hh; 6>17 yrs; East Coast; EDR-NY019655-00662

DR 4th Level; No Preference; Gelding; 14.3.00hh>15.3.00hh; 7>16 yrs; Southwest, US; EDR-NY0198299-02136
DR 4th Level; No Preference; g/m/s; 16.2.00hh>17.2.00hh; 7>17 yrs; Worldwide; EDR-NY0102289-03065
DR 4th Level; Warmblood; g/m; 15.3.00hh>16.3.00hh; 6>14 yrs; US; EDR-NY019986-02275

DR 4th Level; Warmblood; Gelding; 16.0.00hh>17.0.00hh; 8>14 yrs; US; EDR-NY0198197-02050

DR FEI Schoolmaster; Warmblood; g/m/s; 16.2.00hh>17.2.00hh; 11>13 yrs; US/Canada; EDR-NC019645-00649
DR General; Lusitano; g/s; 155cm>165cm; 3>13 yrs; Eastern Europe; EDR-NY0196276-01145

DR General; Spanish-Norman; g/m; 15.3.00hh>16.3.00hh; 2>9 yrs; Northeast preferred, not require; EDR-NY0103172-03106
DR Medium; No Preference; Brood Mare; 16.0.00hh>19.0.00hh; 4>10 yrs; Benelux; EDR-NY0198156-02003
DR Prospect; Andalusian; f/m; 15.0.00hh>-; 1>10 yrs; Anywhere; BRD-NY0196232-00961

DR Prospect; Hanoverian; g/m; 16.2.50hh>17.2.00hh; 2>4 yrs; canada; EDR-NY0100278-02735
DR Prospect; Hanoverian; Filly Foal; 16.0.00hh>17.1.00hh; 1>2 yrs; Ontario, Canada; EDR-NY010214-02987
DR Prospect; Morgan; g/m; 16.0.00hh>17.0.00hh; 4>8 yrs; FL, GA; ECN-NC019593-00422

DR Prospect; Thoroughbred; Gelding; 16.3.00hh>17.0.50hh; 3>10 yrs; Midwest, US; ENG-NY0100165-02654
DR Prospect; Warmblood; Gelding; 16.2.00hh>17.0.00hh; 3>7 yrs; East Coast, US; EDR-NY0196272-01133
DR Prospect; Warmblood; Gelding; 16.2.00hh>17.2.00hh; 2>6 yrs; New England; EDR-NC019575-00401

DR School Master; Friesian; g/m; 15.0.00hh>18.0.00hh; 5>21 yrs; Pacific Northwest; EDR-NY0197222-01770
DR School Master; Warmblood; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>17.0.00hh; 8>20 yrs; Northwest, US & Canada; EDR-NY0197246-01811
DR School Master; Warmblood; g/m; 15.3.00hh>16.3.00hh; 4>18 yrs; Northeast US; EDR-NY0100234-02702

DR Training; Connemara Pony; Gelding; 15.0.50hh>15.3.50hh; 6>12 yrs; 2hrs drive Downingtown, PA; ENG-NY0100364-02780
DR Training; German Warmblood; Gelding; 16.2.00hh>17.2.00hh; 4>8 yrs; Mid-south, US; EDR-NY019891-01954
DR Training; Warmblood; Gelding; 16.1.00hh>16.3.00hh; 3>5 yrs; Eastcoast; EDR-NC019570-00382

DR Training; Warmblood; g/m/s; 16.2.50hh>17.0.50hh; 4>7 yrs; East of Missippi, US; EDR-NY019794-01621
DV General; Morgan; g/m; 14.2.00hh>14.3.00hh; 6>15 yrs; Northeast; EDV-NY01989-01878
DV General; Morgan; Mare; 15.2.00hh>-; 12>- yrs; Newman, GA; EDR-NY0196272-01132

DV Open Carriage; Percheron; Gelding; 16.1.00hh>17.0.00hh; 10>15 yrs; midwestern united states; EDV-NY0103139-03104
DV Prospect; Friesian; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>17.0.00hh; 5>16 yrs; Northern CA; EDV-NY0196314-01240
ED Competitive Trail Riding; Standardbred; Mare; 14.0.00hh>16.2.00hh; 5>11 yrs; Northeast, US; END-NY019678-00709

ED General; Peruvian Paso; g/m; 14.0.00hh>15.2.50hh; 6>13 yrs; USA, New England to Virginia are; EDV-NY019846-01909
EN Brood Mare; Canadian Sport Horse; Brood Mare; 15.0.00hh>17.2.00hh; 3>20 yrs; Ontario; ENG-NY0102268-03064
EN Brood Mare; Thoroughbred; Mare; 15.0.00hh>17.0.00hh; 5>16 yrs; Eastern, US; BRD-NY0199147-02323

EN Brood Mare; Thoroughbred; Mare; 12.0.00hh>13.3.00hh; 3>20 yrs; East of Missippi, US; BRD-NY0196296-01180
EN General; No Preference; g/m; 15.0.00hh>16.0.00hh; 5>15 yrs; WV, OH, PA, MD, VA (USA); ECT-NY0198320-02158
EN General; No Preference; g/m; 15.2.00hh>15.2.00hh; 4>12 yrs; Wisconsin; WSG-NY0100191-02674

EN General; Paint; Gelding; 15.0.00hh>15.2.00hh; 4>10 yrs; circa West Virginia, US; WSG-NY0196318-01246
EN General; Quarter Horse; Gelding; 15.0.00hh>16.0.00hh; 7>20 yrs; Northeast; ENG-NY010133-02794
EN General; Quarter Horse, Appendix; g/m; 15.1.00hh>16.1.00hh; 7>15 yrs; Michigan; WSG-NY0198288-02122

EN General; Wielkopolka; Brood Mare; 15.2.50hh>16.3.50hh; 2>10 yrs; east; ENG-NY0101211-02904
EN Jumps Line; Thoroughbred; g/m; 16.2.00hh>17.3.50hh; 4>12 yrs; NY, upstate PA, Southern Ontario; ENG-NY0100196-02677
EN Pleasure; Quarter Horse; g/m; 15.0.00hh>16.2.00hh; 8>18 yrs; West US (not WA, OR, NV); EPL-NC0195354-00543

EN Pleasure; Quarter Horse; Gelding; 16.0.00hh>16.2.00hh; 4>15 yrs; Hopewell Junction, NY; EPL-NC0195221-00471
EN Pleasure; Quarter Horse; Gelding; 15.2.50hh>16.2.00hh; 3>20 yrs; US, DE, MD,PA; ENG-NY0106291-03260
EQ Medal/Maclay; Thoroughbred; g/m; 15.2.00hh>19.0.00hh; 4>13 yrs; Northeast, US; EEQ-NY0197282-01821

EQ Medal/Maclay; Thoroughbred; Gelding; 16.1.00hh>17.0.00hh; 8>12 yrs; North East; EJU-NC0195120-00440
FH Cross Country; No Preference; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>16.0.50hh; 6>12 yrs; Midwest; ECT-NY0102200-03049
FH General; No Preference; g/m; 16.2.00hh>-; 7>10 yrs; Ontario, CD; EFH-NY0196252-01021

FH General; Quarter Horse; Gelding; 15.1.00hh>15.3.00hh; 5>7 yrs; PA to NC; EFH-NC019572-00385
FH General; Thoroughbred; Gelding; 16.3.00hh>18.0.00hh; 2>10 yrs; Southeast, US; EFH-NY0197298-01824
FH Trail Ride; Appaloosa; Gelding; 15.0.00hh>15.2.00hh; ->NA yrs; 100 mile radius of Garrison, NY; WPL-NC0195249-00479

FH Trail Ride; Hanoverian; Mare; 16.3.00hh>17.2.00hh; 3>9 yrs; southern ca; WSG-NY0100227-02697
FH Trail Ride; Quarter Horse; Gelding; 15.2.00hh>15.3.00hh; 5>9 yrs; Westtown, NY; ENG-NY0196149-00805
HU Adult Amateur; Quarter Horse; Gelding; 15.2.00hh>16.0.00hh; 6>10 yrs; LaGrangeville, NY; EHU-NY0194343-00260

HU Adult Amateur; Quarter Horse; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>16.1.00hh; 8>12 yrs; Midwest or TX; EHU-NC019573-00389
HU Adult Amateur; Thoroughbred; Mare; 16.2.00hh>17.3.00hh; 4>9 yrs; Canada, Northeast US; EHU-NY01992-02191
HU Adult Amateur; Thoroughbred; Gelding; 16.2.00hh>16.3.00hh; 5>7 yrs; Southeast, US; EHU-NY0199250-02433

HU Adult Amateur; Warmblood; g/m; 16.2.00hh>17.2.00hh; 4>15 yrs; Texas; ENG-NY0199103-02282
HU Adult Amateur; Warmblood; Gelding; 16.1.00hh>16.3.00hh; 3>7 yrs; CA; EHU-NC0195284-00492
HU Adult Amateur; Warmblood; g/m/s; 16.1.00hh>17.2.00hh; 4>9 yrs; Northeastern U.S.; EHU-NY0199274-02450

HU Adult Amateur; Warmblood; g/m; 15.1.00hh>16.2.00hh; 3>12 yrs; Northeast; EHU-NY0101127-02853

HU Amateur-Owner; Thoroughbred; g/m; 16.2.00hh>17.2.00hh; 5>12 yrs; Entire North East,  Eastern CAN,; EHU-NY0199248-02430
HU Amateur-Owner; Thoroughbred; g/m; 15.3.50hh>16.3.50hh; 3>7 yrs; North East, NC NY; EHU-NY0199139-02317

HU Amateur-Owner; Thoroughbred; Gelding; 17.0.00hh>17.3.00hh; 4>6 yrs; 3 hr drv frm NYC; EHU-NC019570-00375
HU Brood Mare; Thoroughbred; g/m; 15.3.00hh>17.3.00hh; 5>9 yrs; Ontario/Manitoba; ENG-NY0196297-01185
HU Brood Mare; Welsh; f/m; 13.1.00hh>14.1.00hh; 1>13 yrs; New England, US; ENG-NY0196261-01081

HU Children's Horse; Thoroughbred; Gelding; 15.1.00hh>16.1.50hh; 4>12 yrs; New England area - NY, MA, NH, P; ENG-NY010032-02567
HU Children's Pony; Pony, large; Gelding; 12.0.00hh>13.3.75hh; 5>21 yrs; Central US; EHU-NY0199285-02458
HU Children's Pony; Pony, large; g/m; 13.3.00hh>14.2.00hh; 7>15 yrs; Southwest, US; EPN-NY0199248-02432

HU Children's Pony; Pony, medium; f/m; 12.1.00hh>13.2.00hh; 4>10 yrs; South, USA; EHU-NY0198249-02096
HU Children's/Adult; Thoroughbred; Gelding; 15.2.00hh>16.2.00hh; 4>14 yrs; Southeast, US; EHU-NY0198275-02113
HU Children's/Adult; Warmblood; Gelding; 16.0.50hh>17.0.00hh; 5>12 yrs; Northeast; ECT-NY01983-01873

HU General; Quarter Horse; Gelding; 15.2.00hh>16.2.00hh; 5>12 yrs; Midwest, US; ENG-NY019665-00692
HU General; Quarter Horse; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>16.1.00hh; 10>18 yrs; Connecticut; EHU-NY010081-02604
HU General; Quarter Horse, Appendix; g/m/s; 16.0.00hh>17.3.50hh; 1>5 yrs; all areas in US; WSG-NY0199204-02390

HU General; Quarter Horse, Appendix; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>16.3.00hh; 3>7 yrs; East Coast, US; EHU-NY0196149-00794
HU General; Trakehner; Stallion; 16.0.00hh>16.3.00hh; 6>10 yrs; Northeast, US; ENG-NY0197217-01756
HU Junior (Large); Thoroughbred; g/m; 16.0.00hh>16.3.00hh; 7>12 yrs; mid-west; EHU-NY0198138-01987

HU Junior (Large); Thoroughbred; g/m; 16.0.00hh>17.0.00hh; 4>8 yrs; Northest, US; EJU-NY0198304-02143
HU Pre-Green; Quarter Horse, Appendix; g/m; 16.1.00hh>16.3.00hh; 6>11 yrs; Midwest or TX; EHU-NC019573-00390
HU Regular Working; Arabian; g/m/s; 15.1.00hh>16.1.00hh; 6>13 yrs; All Areas; EHU-NY0199157-02339

HU Under Saddle; Cross Breeds; Gelding; 16.0.00hh>17.3.50hh; 3>10 yrs; southeast; EHU-NY0104136-03154
HU Under Saddle; Thoroughbred; Gelding; 15.3.00hh>16.3.00hh; 8>18 yrs; United States; ENG-NY0101213-02907
JU Amateur-Owner; Pinto; g/m; 15.3.00hh>16.2.00hh; 5>9 yrs; US; EJU-NY0199121-02302

JU Children/Adult; Warmblood; g/m; 16.1.00hh>18.0.00hh; 5>9 yrs; Northeast US; S. Canada; ENG-NY0196125-00772
JU General; Holsteiner; m/s; 17.0.00hh>18.0.00hh; 4>6 yrs; Summerland, BC; EJU-NC019611-00591
JU Grand Prix; No Preference; Gelding; 17.1.00hh>-; 6>- yrs; Northeast; EJU-NY0196238-00982

JU Junior; Warmblood; Gelding; 17.0.00hh>18.2.00hh; 3>7 yrs; Anywhere, North America; EJU-NY0197234-01779
JU Modified; Warmblood; g/m/s; 16.2.00hh>17.3.00hh; 6>10 yrs; usa, canada, europe; EJU-NY0100172-02659
JU Prospect; Selle Francais; Mare; 16.3.00hh>17.3.00hh; 3>5 yrs; northeast, US; EJU-NY0199347-02503

JU Prospect; Trakehner; g/m; 168cm>170cm; 3>5 yrs; Anywhere; EJU-NY0196233-00972
OT Workout; Thoroughbred; Mare; 15.3.00hh>16.3.00hh; 0>5 yrs; Anywhere U.S.; ENG-NC0195345-00527
SS Country Pleasure; Hanoverian; Mare; 16.3.00hh>17.2.00hh; 3>12 yrs; southern ca; WSG-NY0100227-02698

SS Tennessee Walker; Tennessee Walking Horse; g/c; 14.1.00hh>15.1.00hh; 6>15 yrs; Northeast:  OH, PA, NY, CT,; ENG-NY0198284-02121
WS Barrel Racing; Quarter Horse, AQHA Reg.; g/m; 14.2.00hh>15.2.00hh; 5>12 yrs; U.S.; WBL-NY0101276-02941
WS Companion Horse; Quarter Horse, AQHA Reg.; Mare; 14.2.00hh>15.2.00hh; 4>10 yrs; Texas and surrounding states; WSG-NY0199303-02474

WS Cowboy Mounted Shooter; Paint, APHA; m/s; 15.3.00hh>-; 3>10 yrs; Midwest, US; WSG-NY0196237-00980
WS General; Icelandic; g/m; 11.1.00hh>14.0.00hh; 10>14 yrs; US/Canada; EFH-NY0196233-00978
WS General; Morgan; Gelding; 15.0.00hh>15.3.00hh; 7>12 yrs; Northeast; WSG-NY0196196-00888

WS General; Quarter Horse; m/s; 15.0.00hh>NA; 7>15 yrs; 200 mi/Kansas City, MO; EFH-NC0195336-00515
WS General; Quarter Horse; Mare; 15.0.00hh>15.3.00hh; 5>15 yrs; Bedford, IN; WSG-NY0196177-00831
WS Pleasure; Paint; Gelding; 15.2.00hh>16.0.00hh; 5>16 yrs; Ontario, Canada; WSG-NY0106147-03223

WS Pleasure; Paint, APHA; Gelding; 16.2.00hh>16.2.00hh; 5>8 yrs; 200mi/San Diego, CA; WPL-NC01967-00581
WS Pleasure Trails; Quarter Horse; g/m; 15.0.00hh>16.0.00hh; 6>11 yrs; Northern/Central, FL; Southern, ; WPL-NY0197200-01740
WS Stallion (Sale); American Creme; m/s; 15.0.00hh>16.0.00hh; 2>14 yrs; US; WSG-FL019731-01434

WS Stallion (Sale); Quarter Horse; Stallion; 15.3.00hh>17.3.00hh; 4>12 yrs; east of Miss. river; WSG-NY0197120-01643
WS Trail; Quarter Horse; Gelding; 14.3.00hh>-; 12>15 yrs; 300mi of West Hartford, CT; WSG-FL019735-01459

Listed in alphabetical order according to primary discipline and level.

FORMAT: Code/Discipline Level; Breed; Sex; Size; Age; Search Area; Tracking ID

CODES: BA=Basic Skills; CN=Conformation; CT=Combined Training; DR=Dressage; DE=Dressage European; DV=Driving; ED=Endurance Riding; EN=English General; EQ=Equitation; HU=Hunter; JU=Jumper; OT=Off the Track; PC=Pony Club; SS=Saddle Seat; VA=Vaulting; WS=Western (Do not confuse search area State abbreviations with Sport Code such as "CT" may equal Connecticut as well as Combined Training.)

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