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This page provides guidelines for image submittals and an overview of equipment and processes Equipoise® uses to provide highest quality sale horse presentations. Currently only *.jpg images are accepted from outside sources which must be e-mailed as an attachment—not embedded in a mime document.

Web Published Photos

         format: jpg
         width: variable
         height: 300dpi max
         resolution: 72dpi
         quality: 7, high (Photoshop)
         file size: app. 85 kilobyte max
         a 1" high thumbnail will be created for linking: 
         image must be e-mailed as an attachment—not embedded in a mime document
         no digital retouching allowed which would obscure a true representation of the horse

Internet Publishing/Local Database

These specifications are established per combination of suggestions by Adobe Systems, Inc. regarding several basic setups for Adobe Premiere 4.2 and Adobe Photoshop 3.0 defaults. This combination was chosen in order to conserve disk space, optimize download time for remote users and conform to practical limitations on the broadest selection of monitors.

In-house Video Link Photos

file type: *.jpg
image width: 160 pixels
image height: 120 pixels
image resolution: 72 pixels/inch
file size: 15 kilobyte (approximate, up to 85 kilobyte may be accepted for the page)

To provide uniform presentation, images submitted to Equipoise are edited to maintain height specifications and are transferred to *.jpg format to assist Equipoise automated web publishing procedures.


file type: *.avi
image width: 160 pixels
image height: 120 pixels
image resolution: 72 pixels/inch
video length: 4 seconds(approximate)
file size: 1 megabyte (approximate)

Sales Presentation Videos

Established to surpass broadcast video in quality of image, character of content and level of artistic expression while keeping costs down by careful planning and innovative use of emerging technologies. Each element is chosen to produce the finest and most informative presentations possible, delivered to potential buyers in a timely manner.

acquisition camera: Sony VX3, 3 Chip CCD, Hi8
due: line resolution superior to S-Video VHS; large format lens for excellent detail; 3 chip color reproduction on par with BetaCam; overall competitive with Digital BetaCam; 12x zoom for excellent close-ups across stadiums; small/lightweight portability allows mobility in dynamic filming situations.

tape format: Fuji M221E E6-120
due: best available color saturation and stability; negligible frame dropout; extremely consistent film stock; 120 minute format has proven equal in robustness to 60 minute plus allows for longer filming sessions and less likely to need multiple tapes per filmed horse (thus saves on tracking complexity while increasing editing speed).

editing format: Immix Video Cube
due: provides better than broadcast quality image, real time digitizing of 30fps (60 field) NTSC video, provides effects and transition editing in real time, A/B roll editing with no generation loss since copy to editing tapes unnecessary.

on-site presentation format: Immix Video Cube
due: fast access to video vignettes allows numerous presentations in less time than would be needed to search for a single presentation using linear tape based formats.

remote presentation format: VHS copied directly from Video Cube digital master; tape holds standard Equipoise labeling with contact information, packaged in protective hard shell binder with Equipoise standard video printout photo and horse datasheet; shipped FEDEX overnight to buyer in a return posted and Equipoise addressed mailer.
due: quickest and most universal delivery format for high-impact, informative, no-hassle presentations of sale horses to prospective buyers.

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