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EQUIPOISE Privacy Policy

This page states the EQUIPOISE privacy policy.

If you choose to include them: Your name, email, and website (if placed on the Sale Horse Form) is published directly to the Internet immediately on submittal.

However, your horse's listing and report may be fully useful to you without contact information, so take a moment to decide just how much you may (or may not) want to include.

The detail page of every horse's listing includes a clickable "Share this page!" text which makes it easy to send Buyers directly to your horse, where any photo submitted will also appear. [see Sample top right]

Or put together a report for your own personal use which is not published by using the "Preview" button.

The "Preview" button gives a quick report that you can copy/paste into your own document for saving on your home computer or for e-mailing to potential Buyers.

EQUIPOISE will have no record of any horse which was loaded and only Previewed, because the form loads full functionality into your browser, and no permanent record exists until you hit "Submit," so be sure to save a local copy of such activity as it will disappear (Poof... gone) when you close your browser.

Otherwise, information that you provide to EQUIPOISE is not given or sold to other services, databases, or businesses for any use whatsoever, certainly not for generalized mailings and spam.

EQUIPOISE guards contact information like it is gold... because quite frankly, it is.

Historically, contact information was only forwarded to qualified persons in response to specific queries of the meta-index, and only after a database review (currently a discontinued service) confirmed the close match of specific Sale Horse and Buy Offer information.

Also, if requested, Contact Information was forwarded on a per-query basis to qualified individuals requesting industry related service information such as: providers of hay in a given region.

Below is a description of contact specifics as it existed before shutdown, so it describes how information on the main office database is still handled today.

Previously a contact form allowed selection of certain publication specifics. You could choose which portions of your Contact Information would be forwarded in response to direct queries of your listings. One selection allowed you to choose the option of authorizing publication on the EQUIPOISE web site of chosen parts of your Contact Information. This was done to provide for future expansion, as web publishing of Contact Information was not done at all. Privacy issues and security concerns were to be finalized before this type of publication was offered. Yet even when those issues are resolved, EQUIPOISE will still be very conservative about providing information to others.

Currently any information that is published was gathered specifically for that purpose and long after the original contact form was discontinued.

EQUIPOISE itself does not use broadcasts from generalized e-mail lists to advertise services, products, specials, or anything else whatsoever. Every submittal is confirmed with an e-mail follow-up, but those are always quick, to the point, and not repeated. In any case, be aware that submittal forms are currently transferred as plain text over the Internet (just like e-mail), so you should not include any security sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

If you receive e-mail from anybody pretending to be EQUIPOISE, or find that anybody has used your Contact, Buy Offer, or Sale Horse Information inappropriately, please submit a QUERY FORM to report the abuse. If it is confirmed that someone has used information provided to them by EQUIPOISE which in any way is not to the liking of the person who provided it to EQUIPOISE, the offender's listings will be removed from publication. Successful appeal to achieve reversal of a removal is not easily accomplished.

Previously, you had to be 18 years old to submit forms. EQUIPOISE could not accept listings from minors. This is because it is illegal to make contracts with minors, so such contracts had no standing, and since the goal of EQUIPOISE was to move Buyers and Sellers as efficiently as possible to contract, Sale Horses and Buy Offers were only accepted from adults.

Of course, young horse enthusiasts were always encouraged to browse the information provided here to learn about horses and the horse industry, and now they are further encouraged to practice thinking through the purchase or sale of a horse by using the "Preview" button on the Sale Horse Form without submitting their work.

The EQUIPOISE website was always (and still is) totally child safe, and we considered that kids viewing these pages would eventually become EQUIPOISE best clients; so, if you are under 18, thank you for understanding about not posting a Sale Horse while freely using the form for educational purposes.

Enjoy the site.

this page last updated: 12/06/2018 12:24:27 PM

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