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Equipoise® Milestone

This letter accompanied the first release of the Equipoise® stand-alone database input software module. This was a major milestone for Equipoise®, because it allowed reps to paste data directly back into the main database without the need for retyping had written notes. The letter also gives a good overview of the Equipoise® process and points out several areas that put Equipoise® well ahead of its time.


Hi Sarah : )

Enclosed is the long awaited Follow-up Module! It is a major Equipoise milestone and was put together with the help of over 1400 horse enthusiasts from around the world. There is nothing else like it anywhere, and it puts us solidly ahead of the pack. It enables Equipoise to be considerably more productive and allows us to resume print advertising.

Even after four years there is still nothing close to Equipoise on the web. This giant step forward puts us miles ahead of the typical "read all this advertising, post-your-info" site. Our clients know the difference, but it will be a long time before other sites catch up, even enough to know there is a difference.

Direct response to e-mail queries by actual knowledgeable humans. Use of the Internet to help co-ordinate sales, not merely selling use of the Internet. Value-added information about qualified horses and buyers, filtered and categorized through phone follow-up. A meta-index directory for quick view search. Permanent comprehensive database with international horse information allowing Equipoise reps exhaustive search, storage and retrieval. Not just another "we-got-it-all" site, but a truly focused resource of exclusively buy horse offers and sale horse listings. I almost forgot: full service video production and presentation included at no extra charge.

A qualified horse or buyer can now be placed on the Equipoise Internet lists within minutes of the form submittal…FREE…allowing immediate availability of full information to queries. In addition, Equipoise value-enhanced information (confirmed through follow-up call), can be available for delivery within a day.

Is it any wonder we get so much response? Sarah, I don't have to remind you that you are working on a process that will remain leading edge well into the next century.

I am very proud of the new program, and I will be assured my goals are achieved when you say, "Looks pretty simple…what was so tough about putting this together?" After initial installation, update listings will be transferred on a single disk (or almost instantaneously via e-mail). With the push of a button you will be able to:

  1. receive new & return files for follow-up
  2. print copies of the reports you’ve received via FedEx
  3. view horse & contact histories at a glance or in depth (no more searching your paper files to flesh out information regarding return arrivals)
  4. enter follow-up information & new horses directly into the database (using the format to which you are accustomed and helped develop)
  5. generate return files for automated update of the Equipoise main database
  6. retrieve files from the "Send Home" list if needed (a Safe View mode is available to help you decide)

As for our clients, they will receive the benefit of faster and more accurate service. This is very exciting and, as always, thanks for the great work that makes Equipoise possible.

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- Bob Fugett -