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Policy Change to FREE

This page explains the change in policy that allows Equipoise® SALE HORSE LISTINGS, BUY OFFER LISTINGS, and PHOTO LISTINGS to be queried from the Equipoise® database via direct e-mail at NO CHARGE.

To request contact information of listed Buyers and Sellers see HOW TO QUERY THE DATABASE.

Due to the number of requests to preserve one of the most unique equine resources on the Internet (in response to the 1997 removal of forms and listings from the web site), Equipoise® has implemented a policy of providing full contact and listing information FREE of charge. This is done so that Equipoise® may continue online referrals while Internet technologies mature to a level that allows us to resume full services as envisioned in the original Equipoise® process (see: Letter to Sarah).

The web site is preserved here as a fully functioning historic document (and will provide a smooth transition for the return to full services in the future), but Equipoise® now proceeds under restricted guidelines. The online meta-index and local database continues to be maintained and queries still answered via the online QUERY FORM and direct e-mail. However, Equipoise® no longer accepts outside videos, provides full service video production, conducts follow-up phone calls, presents horses on a percentage basis, makes travel arrangements, etc. The exception to this is that digital photos may be accepted for inclusion in the PHOTO LISTINGS DIRECTORY and a similar video directory will be established if requested.

Most are aware that the forms, lists and archives were removed from the Equipoise® web site briefly during the fall of 1997 and a message posted that we were "on sabbatical, awaiting convergence technologies to achieve mainstream acceptance." The VIDEO QUICK TIPS were left online as a convenience while the future of Equipoise® was being debated. Numerous requests were received asking that Equipoise® continue database functions (at the very least), and the decision was reached that such a valued industry resource should be preserved.

Our previous shut-down was due to Equipoise® imploding from the weight of its own success as a result of mis-calculating the timeframe in which mainstream technology would catch up with the original vision. It could hardly have been imagined that the development of supporting technology would seem as distant in 1997 as when Equipoise® began in 1992. At the time that Equipoise® purchased its $45,000 video editing computer to round out its $250,000 production studio, it was considered merely a leg-up on prevailing trends...that future expansion would be much less expensive. The next generation tools, needed to expand on our world class video production, would surely become more accessible and affordable in short order. Also the Internet had emerged as central to the Equipoise® process, and it was believed that large delivery pipelines (such as cable modems) were just around the corner...a few years off at most. Unfortunately these trends have been much slower in coming to fruition than even our most cautious estimates predicted.

At one point, a video producer was befuddled when it was explained that Equipoise® was providing "for free" the quality of video production for which he was charging $1,000.00 per finished minute. This was one of many indications that Equipoise® was too significantly ahead of its time, but we held on. We knew our process was sound and that, any time soon, costs would come down while connection speeds would increase considerably. We often deflected requests for Equipoise® to produce sales videos for hire by explaining there was no way we could charge for such services...a simple video was costing us $1500.00 to produce...we absorbed the costs in order to assure leading edge status when the prices for appropriate equipment became "affordable" enough to be distributed to the main stream equine industry. We knew that if we waited for prices to drop, our unique edge in the market would be lost and a successful startup in the field would be unlikely. The original capital investments were necessary.

When it became unavoidably evident that the production studio must move on to other ventures, the cost of shipping videos to international buyers (on spec) was just one of our worries. Our 800 answering service and our FAX mailbox, both of which were established to gather equine sales information 24hrs a day, had all proven inferior to our growing Internet web site in terms of quality and quantity of the information received. Moreover, the increasing time and effort needed to keep the process going had become unsustainable.

It was important to preserve Equipoise®, because the database and web site remained a truly unique and valued resource for the world's equine community. Also Equipoise® had broad expertise in the International equine market which would be irreplaceable if lost due to a lapse in the continuity of the process. Happily, the intense development effort in the mid 1990's resulted in a database and information gathering process which is largely automated and can be maintained relatively inexpensively.

To avoid total shut-down, Equipoise® backed away from the extreme level of service previously provided, and the database and online referrals resumed under restricted guidelines.

Equipoise® is one of the oldest equine sites on the Internet, and we are proud to preserve it with many of the benefits intact. Careful authoring has insured the site is compatible with browsers back to early versions of Mosaic. The online forms, which are the product of more than four years development and the help of over 2,600 horse enthusiasts world wide, provide pre-filtering with the result that excellent information about sale horses, buy offers and contacts is immediately available. The buy and sell lists are further qualified by manual review of information received in order to assure top quality publishing. Lastly, the archives offer a wealth of information that is still periodically expanded. Overall Equipoise® represents a process that exists nowhere else.

Even lacking follow-up confirmation and the wealth of other services formerly provided, the Equipoise® database is of great value for the simple and effective transfer of thoughtfully categorized horse sales data to the world's equine community. This information is gathered through the CONTACT SUBMITTAL FORM, (no longer available), SALE HORSE SUBMITTAL FORM and BUY OFFER SUBMITTAL FORM. The qualified results are meta-indexed through the SALE HORSE LISTINGS and BUY OFFER LISTINGS. These lists continue to be updated daily in answer to new listings and requests. After your submittal forms are qualified, you may query the Equipoise® database using the simple online QUERY FORM or direct e-mail.

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