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IDHorsePricePrimary Discipline/LevelAgeBirth OriginCurrent LocationContact is
3158 Colleen


BA Walk, Trot, Canter

18 yrs

United States Marathon, WI Owner



     Contact:    Owner


     1st:   BA Walk, Trot, Canter
     Prsp:  No
     2nd:  BA Green Broke
     Prsp:  No
     3rd:   DR Prospect
     Prsp:  Yes

     Jump Height: 1'6"
     Show Rating: C
     "A" Prospect:  No

     Has Raced:  No

     Shown AHSA:  Yes
     Shown FEI:  No


     Nickname used in barn: Colleen
     Registered Name: Owner
     AHSA Show Name: Uainhale Colleen

     Breed: Gypsy Horse
     1st Cross: Pinto
     2nd Cross: Shire

     Country of Origin: United States

     Size: 15.3.50hh
     Age: 18 yrs  (2001)
     Sex: Filly
     Color: Paint

     Sire: The Travis Stud (Gypsy Drum - Imported)
     Dam: Jerry's Big Mare (Gypsy Drum)

     Registry: Colleen is pending registry with the Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association, the Gypsy Horse Society and is eligible for registry as an American Warmblood.


     Spirit: Quiet
     Intellect: Average
     Attitude: Willing

     Ships:  Yes
     Clips:  Yes
     Cross Ties:  Yes


AWARDS:   Colleen has been under saddle for about 8 weeks, and has competed at two shows already. At her first show (against Nationally ranked Andalusians and Friesians) Colleen placed consistently in large halter and Dressage Suitability in-hand classes. She also impressed us by taking home scored of 58% and above in her Introductory Level Dressage classes (bringing home third and fourth place ribbons). Colleen was also taken (for fun) in Baby-Green Hunter Over Fences class, where she placed fourth. She is a joy to ride at shows, on trails and down the road as she is a very curious filly. She is confident in new places and deals wqell strange situations, noises and high activity levels. Another bonus is that her unusual looks garner many glances and are a conversation starter!

MARKINGS:   Black and white pinto Gypsy Drum filly. Black and white tail, white mane, black and white forelock and white feathering on legs.

CONFORMATION:   Uphill build, straight correct legs with moderate feathering. Very well proportioned and balanced. Incredible suspension in her movement with a very uphill canter.

BAD HABITS:   Colleen is a bit of a lazy horse, with the halt being her favorite gait, we are working to inspire her to become more forward.

VICES:   None known.

MEDICAL:   Current on all vaccinations, dental and hoof care. No known allergies, injuries or issues. Has received impeccable care all of her life.


     Blood Line Available:  No
     For Sale:  Yes
     For Lease:  No
     For Breeding:  No

     Sale Price:   $15,000
     Lease/Mnth: $0
     Lease/Yr:     $0
     Stud Fee:     $0
     Monetary Unit: USD

FOR SALE BECAUSE:   We have many other Gypsy Drum foals and young horses who need our attention, while Colleen does not fit my needs as a rider (I prefer a horse who is nore highly-strung) and is ready to find a new person to share her life with.


COMMENTS:   A wonderful investment for the aspiring Dressage rider or low level Eventer. Colleen is sure to win your heart. Photos and video available upon request.

**Prices are subject to change. All information contained in this form has been gathered in good faith. Buyers are expected to confirm the validity of this information to their own satisfaction before purchase. EQUIPOISE offers no express or implied guarantee as to the value and/or promise of horses offered and expects all buyers to observe reasonable caution.

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