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IDHorsePricePrimary Discipline/LevelAgeBirth OriginCurrent LocationContact is
2988 Austin


HU Pre-Green

24 yrs

Canada Hillsburgh, Ontario, Canada Owner



     Contact:    Owner


     1st:   HU Pre-Green
     Prsp:  No
     2nd:  HU Adult Amateur
     Prsp:  Yes
     3rd:   EQ Medal/Maclay
     Prsp:  Yes

     Jump Height: 3'6"
     Show Rating: A
     "A" Prospect:  Yes

     Has Raced:  Yes

     Shown AHSA:  No
     Shown FEI:  Yes


     Nickname used in barn: Austin
     Registered Name: Owner
     AHSA Show Name: Austin

     Breed: Thoroughbred
     1st Cross: -
     2nd Cross: -

     Country of Origin: Canada

     Size: 16.2.00hh
     Age: 24 yrs  (1995)
     Sex: Gelding
     Color: Dark Bay

     Sire: Bold Executive
     Dam: Great Victoria



     Spirit: Moderate
     Intellect: High
     Attitude: Attentive

     Ships:  Yes
     Clips:  Yes
     Cross Ties:  Yes


AWARDS:   Austin has been to two "A" Circuit Shows at the end of the 2001 season in the schooling class. In Canada once a horse reaches 6 years of age they no longer are eligable for the baby green classes. This would have been the ideal as we would have wanted him to started with back to back rounds in the smaller ring.

MARKINGS:   Large star & connected narrow stripe, ending on bridge of nose; snip between nostrils on bottom, ending on upper lip. Median cowlick at top of eye level. left fore: irregular three quarter stocking. Left hind: pastern and part of ankle white, higher on outside. Right hind: pastern & part of ankle white, higher on inside in front. Cowlick high at crest of neck on left side; cowlick at crest of neck on right side.

CONFORMATION:   Very correct and very elegant.

BAD HABITS:   none

VICES:   none

MEDICAL:   Had a bowed front left tendion which is only perceptable by a slight thickened area.


     Blood Line Available:  Yes
     For Sale:  Yes
     For Lease:  No
     For Breeding:  No

     Sale Price:   $20,000
     Lease/Mnth: $0
     Lease/Yr:     $0
     Stud Fee:     $0
     Monetary Unit: USD

FOR SALE BECAUSE:   Horse was purchased with the intention to school and sell.

SALE SPECIFICS:   picture and video available

COMMENTS:   This horse is well balanced, athletic, a good mover and has excellent jumping style. He is exceptionally well broke on the flat which makes getting to the jumps very easy. He has great potential as a top class "A" circuit hunter / equitation horse. He is good enough for a professional. He has the athletic ability to eventually do jumpers.

**Prices are subject to change. All information contained in this form has been gathered in good faith. Buyers are expected to confirm the validity of this information to their own satisfaction before purchase. EQUIPOISE offers no express or implied guarantee as to the value and/or promise of horses offered and expects all buyers to observe reasonable caution.

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