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IDHorsePricePrimary Discipline/LevelAgeBirth OriginCurrent LocationContact is
2520 Ben


BA Cross Rails

29 yrs

United States Owner



     Contact:    Owner


     1st:   BA Cross Rails
     Prsp:  No
     2nd:  HU Children's/Adult
     Prsp:  Yes
     3rd:   -
     Prsp:  No

     Jump Height: 2'3"
     Show Rating: local
     "A" Prospect:  Yes

     Has Raced:  Yes

     Shown AHSA:  No
     Shown FEI:  No


     Nickname used in barn: Ben
     Registered Name: Owner
     AHSA Show Name: Benevolence

     Breed: Thoroughbred
     1st Cross: -
     2nd Cross: -

     Country of Origin: United States

     Size: 15.3.00hh
     Age: 29 yrs  (1990)
     Sex: Gelding
     Color: Blood Bay


     Registry: registered with the Jockey Club


     Spirit: Quiet
     Intellect: High
     Attitude: Willing

     Ships:  Yes
     Clips:  Yes
     Cross Ties:  Yes


AWARDS:   Ben has been to three local shows, he won his first under saddle classes at the first, placed in the top three at the next show in both his u/s and o/f, showed in the maiden horse and did well there too, that was this summer and since has gotten much more comfortable o/f and u/s

MARKINGS:   no markings

CONFORMATION:   well muscled, great neck, beautiful face, good shoulder, legs and rear, a little long in the back, great looking guy, fills out a rider's leg

BAD HABITS:   sometimes doesn't like to pick up his left lead, and gets offended if a rider is really heavy-handed, but otherwise is an angel with a kind ride, and is very capable of the lead

VICES:   none

MEDICAL:   pulled a suspensory ligament when he was on the track as a three year old, the leg healed, but he couldn't race so he was sold to an older couple who just wanted him as a pet, he was put to pasture and sometimes fed :(, I saw him from the side of the road, he was cute and I got a good deal on him so we put him in training and he is great! I haven't had any problems with the leg at all


     Blood Line Available:  No
     For Sale:  Yes
     For Lease:  No
     For Breeding:  No

     Sale Price:   $3,500
     Lease/Mnth: $0
     Lease/Yr:     $0
     Stud Fee:     $0
     Monetary Unit: USD

FOR SALE BECAUSE:   I need to sell him b/c I'm too tall. I bought him as a project and to get him out of a bad situation. We have different goals, but he is a great horse.

SALE SPECIFICS:   price is somewhat negotiable if to the right home

COMMENTS:   Ben is a very lovable horse with lots of personality. He doesn't have a spook and will babysit a kind begginer. He enjoys just hanging out and going on trail rides. More than anything he likes to EAT!!! Ben moves well and jumps very cute! He would make a great first horse or project horse as he has not yet begun to reach his full potential.

**Prices are subject to change. All information contained in this form has been gathered in good faith. Buyers are expected to confirm the validity of this information to their own satisfaction before purchase. EQUIPOISE offers no express or implied guarantee as to the value and/or promise of horses offered and expects all buyers to observe reasonable caution.

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