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My name is Bob Fugett, and I am the originator and developer of the EQUIPOISE equine sales service and database which has been online since 1993, the first year of the World Wide Web.

Here's the Wiki:

  1. Fill out the free SALE HORSE FORM.

  2. Make use of the superbly organized information.

  3. The form is useful even without submitting it.

The slightly less Wiki:

  1. Website usage logs show a constant flow of Buyers review the published Sale Horse listings.

  2. It is free, so submit a SALE HORSE FORM putting your horse at the top of the NEW ARRIVALS list.

  3. Click the ID# to review the full listing details.

  4. Share this page! (or copy/paste the report) for sending to Buyers or for your own record.

  5. The "Submit" button enforces validation rules, but "Preview" allows almost anything.

  6. If the "Preview" version suits your needs, no need to submit.

  7. Submitting establishes a permanent and published record for access, correction, and update.

  8. If you do submit, do not expect any action from me except maybe some slight copy editing.

  9. The forms and reports are provided as a free online community service. 

Let me explain a little further:

  1. The SALE HORSE FORM is invaluable for organizing and choreographing your sale horse video.

  2. The BUY OFFER FORM is the perfect aid for Buyers to focus and publish their needs.

  3. All directories and reports remain useful despite the closing of other EQUIPOISE services.

  4. Presenting horses to buyers is a discontinued service, so qualifying is no longer important.

  5. Maintaining the database is easy for me because the automation demands a loose rein.

  6. I am however somewhat obsessive about correct use of the English Language, so I might be unable to stop myself tightening up your writing a little... if you submit your form and I happen to look at it... only you and I will know about the corrections.

  7. I am also available to help make corrections if something is submitted in error.

Otherwise, except for the SALE HORSE VIDEO TAPING GUIDE, the SALE HORSE SUBMITTAL FORM, the BUY OFFER SUBMITTAL FORM, the COMPARE PAGE, and the COMMUNITY FORUM (plus the listing and detail pages starting at NEW ARRIVALS), everything else here is of historic interest only.

Recently (2011) I did a web search curious to see if anything is new in equine video taping and found EQUIPOISE still sorts to the top of Google returns, despite the fact our horse brokerage with free video production services were discontinued many years ago.

However, review of the pages returned showed the information they provide is still valid and useful while our usage logs confirm that a steady steam of Buyers continue to browse and use the website.

Plus, as apposed to our earliest beginnings (when even one of our own employees asked me why I thought riders would want to look at horses on the Internet), it is now much easier to explain what this is all about.

Now I can simply point to Google, Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Zillow, not to mention Wikipedia, saying only, "EQUIPOISE is all of those things rolled into one but specifically designed to track sale horses (which requires a very special handling)... and by the way, we were up and running long before any of those others even begun (except Amazon)."

The fact that people now enjoy handheld access to the Internet allowed me a recent opportunity to give an impromptu presentation at an equine facility in Florida.

Somebody exclaimed how excited they were to see horse videos online, and I said,  "Let me see your phone. Here, look at this. This is EQUIPOISE, the website I put together almost a quarter century ago."

That person with the handheld is a fine rider, technically savvy, and very organized, so on seeing how well the information is handled they quipped, "Wow. You were years ahead your time."

I came close to saying, "And I still am because a true Videobase (as I first described it) does not yet exist anywhere in the world."

It was obviously time to get the web forms going again.

Not to mention, all the other wanna-be EQUIPOISE services have long since moved on to other pursuits trying to be all things to all horse owners.

In any case, that young rider's astute observation reminded me just how far ahead this website is and spurred my web search (where I found that we still top Google returns) which helped me decide to restore SALE HORSE SUBMITTAL—once again allowing horse owners to use it putting together their thoughts prior to production and presentation of sale horse videos.

Having finished the enhanced Sale Horse Form, I couldn't resist also restoring the BUY OFFER SUBMITTAL, then adding a COMPARE PAGE, a new COMMUNITY FORUM, and finally a name change.

In the old days it cost us nearly $3,000.00 per horse video for production and presentation (for which we only charged 10% of the final sale price—if that sale occurred), so we had to be very aggressive about gathering information we could trust.

The SALE HORSE SUBMITTAL FORM is a direct result of the effort we poured into satisfying the necessity of getting specific and correct information.

Eventually the form itself made it unlikely a horse could be misrepresented.

I remember spending the better part of the winter and spring of 1995-96 in an RV at the Palm Beach shows, fine tuning the online forms, and organizing sale horse information in a way that remains useful to both Sellers and Buyers today.

Every morning I would watch as Michael Matz and his crew walked a steady stream of horses past us into the next field for training, then over to the show grounds for competition.

Toward the end of 1996 (almost time to be back in Florida) I happened to be passing by a television which was showing a live Jumper competition when I noticed Mr. Matz was winning, and I thought, "I bet nobody else watching this Big Time Moment realizes it is just another unremarkable moment in an ongoing process that Michael has been leading each and every single day since way back in Florida—almost a year ago!"

It was an ongoing step by step process, as mundane as it was intense, and Michael had been ticking it over just like clockwork for an entire year (actually over his lifetime), and it was that process that was paying off for him, not just that one brief moment of that particular win.

I realized, "Hmm, that's right... and I have been at my computer working on EQUIPOISE each and every single day since then, and in the same way, and based on 15 years of previous production and data gathering experience, so no wonder this is also working out so well!"

Video and presentation services are no longer provided, but today people know a lot more about database searches and submittals, so the published lists and forms run quite well on their own.

Of course if somebody really needs to reach me, they can always post to the COMMUNITY FORUM.

The only change to the input on the SALE HORSE SUBMITTAL FORM (over the EQUIPOISE classic sale horse form) is the inclusion of basic contact information (if the seller chooses), and that information is immediately posted online with the listing.

The classic agreement was to keep people's Contact Information private, except to pre-filtered Buyers and Sellers; so the new sale horse form's Name, Email, and Website go into special "published" fields while any contact information we previously received using the old Contact Form remains private.

In summary, all of this does not cost me a thing, so I do not have to charge a penny.

As for the past, the rest of this website is the historic record of a service that was the first of its kind... and many others.

The discussion of how it all worked starts below, and the remaining text on this page is preserved just as it was during the EQUIPOISE heyday (but with the name changed).

Enjoy the site!

This page links to a brief history of EQUIPOISE, a thank you letter from Practical Horseman Magazine, and provides copies of some e-mail testimonials.


Many thanks to everyone who has sent feedback similar to the e-mails shown below, and for the widespread continuing support of the database.

Practical Horseman Magazine


Bob answers interview questions
for Horse Illustrated Magazine.

E-mail received:

"Thank you again so much!" -LG in Georgetown, CA 01/15/07

"Please delete my listing in the photo directory section. I received many inquiries on Jack and sold him to a very good show home. Thank you so much!" -CS in Pearland, TX 03/11/03

"Kamay is now sold. Could you please mark her as "sold" on her EQUIPOISE listing? Thanks again for your great service. It's very much appreciated. I got a number of responses from Kamay's EQUIPOISE listing." -BC in Winnipeg, Canada 08/28/02

"I have just started looking for a good horse after a decade without having one, and your internet site is far and away the most interesting. I appreciate the lack of gimmicks and the volume of real information." -ADL in Vermont 04/14/02

"Thank you so much for your kind and practical advice. I will do just that (all of it). I read your video recommendations, and they were extremely helpful. I will follow up on everything you recommended. Thanks so much! If I can offer any help let me know. I'm in the New Orleans area, and can follow up on horses here for you, take video or digistills. Please keep in touch." -SS in Louisiana 04/23/02

"Certified BHS instructors at our farm. Extensive involvement with Ga's 4-H equine program, promoting educational clinics and competitions. Well known in the metro Atlanta area for excellent instruction and training for both horses & riders. All ponies or horses sold to suitable riders. Will not misrepresent a horse or pony. Many references available." - MA in Georgia 06/21/02, just the kind of stuff EQUIPOISE likes to see as Comments on the Contact Form.


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