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Currently 988 horses available on QUALIFIED SALE HORSE LISTINGS.

Click image for shortest snippet of trot on the longe-line in sale horse video history!

* EQUIPOISE.COM is not for sale

tWelcome to EQUIPOISE: No banners, no bull... just the most comprehensive international SALE HORSE LISTINGS and BUY OFFER LISTINGS on the Internet.

04/16/2011: Despite the fact full services (including commissioned sport horse brokerage highlighted by FREE state-of-the-art sale horse video productions) were suspended years ago, a recent Google search found this page still sorting to the top of returns for both Sale Horse Videos and Horse Broker, so finding our website still firmly astride Google prompted restoration of the SALE HORSE SUBMITTAL FORM which automatically places horses atop our NEW ARRIVALS page. 

The Buyers are here, so your Sale Horse should be here too.

The restored sale horse form was quickly followed by a restored and improved BUY OFFER FORM, a new COMPARE PAGE, a COMMUNITY FORUM, and a name change!

Both Sale Horse and Buy Offer forms were enhanced making submittal easier than ever with a new "Preview" function providing a private report that is useful even if not submitted.

As always EQUIPOISE remains a totally free online community service.

Don't miss the renowned Sale Horse Videotaping Guide, and for the quickest sale make sure your sale horse video presentation is precise, crisp, clean, and informative—but most of all truthful.

Begun in 1992 this database remains the foundation of one of the oldest and most successful equine sites on the Internet—renamed EQUIPOISE.

Our horse sales referral system was developed with help from more than 2,700 top professionals and amateur horse enthusiasts around the world, and it continues to improve with help from people like you.

It is simple, beats all comers, and is FREE... free of charge and free of extraneous advertising.

For the serious sport horse competitor, there is nothing like it!

Jules Nyssan presenting a dressage prospect to Equipoise near Southern Pines, NC. Extension to die for! Gem Twist ridden by Leslie Howard, 1993 Autumn Classic, Port Jervis, NY--an early Equipoise sponsorship. It's not easy being judged! Obviously an equitation competition. The first Equipoise production studio circa 1993.

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